Linde Schaffer picture
Linde Schaffer
Sydney Woodard picture
Sydney Woodard
Vice President
Sheston Culpepper picture
Sheston Culpepper
Mary Petersen picture
Mary Petersen
Jeniffer Saucedo picture
Jeniffer Saucedo
Member Educator
Sydney Black picture
Sydney Black
Personnel Chair
Alexandra Anderson picture
Alexandra Anderson
Recruitment Chair
Alexa Kovacs picture
Alexa Kovacs
Panhellenic Delegate
Chiarra Franklin picture
Chiarra Franklin
Director of Marketing
Alexandra Anderson picture
Alexandra Anderson
Director of Friendship/Social
Ally McLaughlin picture
Ally McLaughlin
Director of Sisterhood
Olivia Ejde picture
Olivia Ejde
Director of Campus Activities
Kiana Caston picture
Kiana Caston
Director of Career Development
Melissa Arbelaez picture
Melissa Arbelaez
Alumnae Relations
Stacy Fox picture
Stacy Fox
Foundation Ambassador
Alexandra Hull picture
Alexandra Hull